Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Makabloglang takes on a beauty escapade at Bioessence!

I’m in late30’s and aside from noticing more and more wrinkles on my skin, my belly also nags me! But what can I do to diminish them? 

There is no magic age when it comes to wrinkles and cellulites. There's a lot of factors cursing us to become unsightly displeasing; one is genes which we can’t do anything about it. Other factors are more negotiable like sun exposure, pollution and stress which should be avoided at all costs. Although we know that a good lifestyle habit, balanced diet and proper nutrients got in food could be the best remedy for it.  

However, I've known several skin breakthroughs and slimming spas since then but I don’t have the guts to enter and try for the beauty services they have because we all know that if you want to feel better, look good, and bring back your youthfulness, you have to pay an extra for it. Too expensive and I guess for others it is impractical especially now a days. But no matter what, in any way I preserved to look good not only for my eyes but also for my husband. I’m into basic facial maintenance in salon near us and applying daily moisturizing cream as part of my beauty regimen.

Anyway, it’s all boils down to our own choices, how to treat ourselves and when to celebrate ourselves as unique individuals. And for me being a woman to exude the aura of natural beauty I want to try and experience things I haven’t tried yet. Attending to an escapade of beauty and wellness blogger event and redeeming the free coupons they have given as a token of their appreciation upon attending , are the ways to experience it. And thank goodness to one of my blogger friend who invited me to attend such event on beauty and wellness last Saturday at Bioessence Connecticut Ave. Greenhills branch.

In line with their 17th year this month anniversary celebration hence 17 years of making lives beautiful, mission to continue envisioned in delivering holistic pampering treatments and quality products, bloggers who were invited was warmly welcomed by their friendly staff.  They offered us a refreshing drink and given a choice to have two sets of beauty and pampering services in free , such as basic facial, 15minutes back massage and 15 minutes Thermo shape trial. I took advantage the basic facial and a 15 minutes skin firming using thermo shape radio frequency.  While waiting for my turn, they also tried to experience me their Health Assessment and putting a posh nail stickers on my nails, also in free. Thanks Bioessence!      

Moreover, Bioessence also offers a 50% discount on premium services, a chance to win a designer bag or jewelry and a lot more gorgeous items till October 30, 2011. It’s not only about making your skin and body beautiful. They also aim to provide a relaxing environment, conducive to meditation, relaxation and a having a deeper connection with you.  For 17 years, they remain competitive by making their clients satisfied and well accommodated. It is also good to know that their staff is well trained therapist and keeping hygiene is also included as one of their top priorities.

If you want to know more about Bioessence products and services, check out Bioessence Facebook Fan Page. And for your inquiries and service appointment feel free to give them a call at 0918-8BEAUTY.


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