Wednesday, October 26, 2011

17 and Loving it! A Bioessence Bloggers Event

Bioessence is one of the leaders in the beauty and wellness industry. They are celebrating their 17th year this month hence 17 years of making lives beautiful.

Anniversary Month
In line with their anniversary celebration, Bioessence is giving a 50% discount on premium services, a chance to win a designer bag or jewelry, and hundreds of other items from September 9, 2011 to October 30, 2011. And in their effort to be able to provide holistic wellness they have partnered with a!Life, Medchef, Boardwalk and Yoshinoya.

Good for the Soul
Bioessence is not only about making your skin and body beautiful, they also aim to provide a relaxing environment conducive to meditation, relaxation and having a deeper connection with your yourself. We take ourselves for granted most of the time but in Bioessence, it’s all about you. Loving ones self and taking care of ones self leads to better relations. It is important that we make time for ourselves and say, “This time it’s me time!”

The Bioessence Way
You will always be greeted by a soothing aroma and a warm welcome from their friendly staff that will put you at ease right away. The relaxing atmosphere in Bioessence and excellent treatments from beauty to wellness will help you start the week right, take a mid-week break or de-stress from a hectic one. If it’s your first time in their branch they would be happy to give you a guided tour of their facilities and give a detailed description of their services. Hot or cold refreshments are always served together with free consultations from knowledgeable staff.

Me Time
After my relaxing day in Bioessence, I’ll make sure to visit them regularly for my own good. It is now my sanctuary where I feel like a princess with their pampering services such as relaxing massages, rejuvenating facials and effective slimming treatments.

With 51 branches nationwide be sure to visit a branch near you and experience the Bioessence way! You may call 0918-8BEAUTY for inquiries and appointments.

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