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This is just a short overview of LET. And some of information here was gathered from different sites. I'm not yet a LET taker but I'm planning to take it by 2012.
However, I intend to share this information to help my fellow future teachers to be , who still lacks of information of what would be the scope and coverage of the examination ,to
be able them prepare ahead,..and so do i..GOOD LUCK , HOPE WE CAN! AND GOD BLESS TO EACH ONE OF US!!!

The LET or the so called Licensure Examination for Teachers is the national qualifying examination for Professional Teachers in the Philippines, as mandated by Republic Act No. 7836, an act to strengthen the regulation and supervision of the practice of teaching in the Philippines and prescribing a Licensure examination for teachers and for other purposes, otherwise known as the Philippine Teachers Professionalization Act of 1994.

This examination is held two times every year, one in April and another in September. The examination for applicants for teaching in the Elementary level consists of two (2) parts; General Education and Professional education. The examination for those applicants teaching Secondary level consists of three (3) parts: one for General Education, another for Professional Education, and a third one for Field of Specialization. The current L.E.T. also refers to the National Competency-Based Teaching Standards (NCBTS).

Click or copy paste the site below to search engine, to view the Primer of Scope and Coverage of LET.

The tests in General education and Professional education for both groups of examinees, Elementary and Secondary teaching, are common. The examinees for teaching in the Secondary level take a third examination in the Field of Specialization.( This explains why, as per Civil Service Memorandum # 1005 issued on January3, 200, a LET passer in the examination for teaching Secondary level may also teach in the Elementary level.)

The LET is a 5 1/2 to a 9 hour exam for future Elementary teachers and Secondary teachers, respectively. The Gen ED. and Prof. Ed. Test last from 8:00am to 1:30pm. With NO noon break. Heavy snacks may be eaten in the examinees seat while taking the examination. The Gen. Ed. Test is supposed to be answered from 8:00 am to 1:00 Am., and the Prof. ED test from 11:00am to 1:30pm. The test in the examinees Field of Specialization is given in the afternoon, from 2:30pm to 6:00pm.

An examinees must obtain the average of 75% in the General Education and Professional Education test for examinees in the Elementary level and in General Education, Professional Education and Field of Specialization test for examines in the Secondary level. An examinees however, must have no rating of 50% or below in any of the tests.


  1. what are the components of LET?

  2. thank you very much, this really helped. :D

  3. super thank you.. it is advisable na mag-review center? i have already taken the NLE luckily i passed without review centers.. kinakabahala ko lang kasi di ko sa talaga course.. thank you! super helpful tong blog na to :D God bless..

  4. hi back!!! and proud to say that i'm a full pledge teacher now!I'd took the september 2012 Let exam and pasado po ang inyong abang lingkod! And because of that...i'm willing to share that blessing of teachers..if you know yourself that you're not confident enough on some areas of general ed, prof ed and majorship..yes..i'll advise or suggest you to seek assistance/support in review center ..although ndi nmn lahat maibbigay ng review center but yung motivation and confidence...surely it'll help u a lot to push through and samahan mu pa ng matinding prayer! if ndi ka man elib sa mga review center or mejo kulang sa budget...try to outsource sa mga friendship mu na nagrereview sa review center ng review materials..para maupdate ka about things na meron sa recent let exam...Gud luck and God bless po sa inyung lahat...

  5. Hi Ms.Alinea..Congratulations...!!!
    I gonna take let on March 10,,..Could you share some hint from your exam..?I mean,some current issues that being included,esp in GEN ED..hoping for your reply...


  6. Hi..Congratulations!!!
    Thanks for a great post..It helps..
    Anyway,i gonna take the Let this coming MARch 10..Im quite nervous..I planned na mag self review na lng,.mjo kulang sa budget eh..could you please give me some hint or questions,or current issues that you encountered in GEN ED.test,or in Prof eD,,.PLEASE..thanks..


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