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A MINUTE FOR A GIRLS TALK. When it comes to your private parts, "normal" is relative. Though our hot spot is remaining a mystery for others, let us still be conscious of the things behind it. Don't be awkward to knowledge yourself when it comes to your privy...So there I go, I’ve gathered here some of the facts to read on...

ITS WHOLE PACKAGE. The average v-zone (vagina) is 3-4 inches long, but fear not if your guy is sling like a horse. It can expand by 200% when sexually aroused, kind of like a balloon. Remember, the vagina was made to birth babies, so it’s exceedingly stretchy. 

YOUR VAGINAL LIPS MAY NOT BE AN EXACT MATCH .Vagina's may come in all shapes and sizes. Some lips hang down. Some are tucked up neatly inside but often; one side is plumper or sticks out more than other. It's even common to have inner lips that are prominent than the outer ones. Anyway, don't be fret...It’s perfectly normal and natural :)

A MAN EATER. Vaginas have something in common with sharks. Both contain squalene, a substance that exists in both shark livers. And this stuff acts a natural vaginal lubricant. 

YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE AN ODOR. Like any sweat producing body part, your genital area has a distinct scent that may seem stronger, depending on where you are in your cycle. The only time to worry is if your odor suddenly becomes pungent for no reason. 

DAILY DISCHARGE IS A GOOD SIGN. Secretions help cleanse the vagina and keep microbes in check. In general, they will appear whitish to pale yellow and pasty before and after your period, then clear and stingy mid cycle. 

LOTS OF HAIR IS NATURAL. While hair on your head can live up to seven years, pubic hair has a life expectancy of about three weeks, which is why it only grows so long that extends from just below their navels to the tippy tops of their thighs and on their vaginal lips and anal areas... But don’t worry if you opt not to groom your pubes, you won’t need to braid them any time soon. Pubic hair serves a protector to our delicate privy. 

THE HOLE IN IT. It hurts to pee, you pee far more frequently than usual and only a little come out a time, your pee is cloudy or pinkish blood hints. It’s the sign of having a UTI. When bacteria that normally lives around the anal area moves up to your urethra (the hole where you pee), this leads to an infection of the urinary tract. This happens from poor hygiene and vaginal intercourse (protected or unprotected), though it’s not considered an STD. If the UTI travels up your kidney, you’ll feel an intense pain close to waist on one side, possible back pain, nausea, and chills. To prevent it, drink tons of water, pee after sex, avoid scented pads/tampons, and always wipe front to back. 

A RUBBER DISASTER. You can catch sexually transmitted diseases even if your man use a condom. Yeah it’s true! It’s better to play safe. Though using rubber is 99% you won’t get preggy don’t be too reluctant. The skin of the vulva can still touch infectious skin of the scrotum. So distressing! Scary warts, herpes, molluscum contagiosum, pubic lice will make you outbreak. So pick your partners carefully. 

So, there you have it. If you truly love yourself...internalize those stuff with an open mind coz your hottest spot is the creator of life and the door of pleasure. Along with is where we carry many traumas, menstrual cramps, childbirth trauma, molestation, rape, abortion, and painful gynecological exams. If we don’t let go off these traumas, it will turn back and hang out in a whole host of health conditions like depression and chronic pelvic pain. Sometimes we must talk about our girly parts to liberate us.

Go Girl! The more we know, the more we are charged to rock on and live life out loud.


  1. Read this post with an open mind..thanks for sharing

  2. thanks..too, semi and you're always welcome!
    This maybe a sensitive content and perhaps a rudeness to others for revealing a such thing that a woman should have to keep on secret..
    so sorry,for being too bold..and you're right this should be read with an open mind..

  3. you have a point! nice blog!
    hello there.. Am a pinoy blogger too, I just started blogging this june 2011.. I'm looking for pinoy bloggers coz' more of my followers are from abroad.. Am a new follower here, check out my blog and follow me too if you like.. although my blog is a little bit different from your blog, Am a fashion blogger kasi, but I will appreciate if you follow me back! hahaha, I want to see more of your post =)) OLA pinoy bloggers! MAbuhay!

  4. thanks sittie...i also love nga lng parang mejo hirap pa akong mag execute ng ganung blog kz is a mixed of everything from health to parenting, education,personal,woman's hehe..basta kung anu pumasok sa kukote ko...anyway hope you enjoyed reading my return ,i'll follow u'r blog too..:)

  5. I see . . .
    Thanks for the knowledge. Now I understand.

  6. thanks too, otakore. also read facts about manhood. hope again to enjoy your read:)


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