About Makabloglang

Makabloglang is a mixed of everything that fearlessly defines a man and a woman unspoken thoughts. Collide here to share you different fascinating facts of anything, everything that might possibly exist in nature and to mankind.

The earthly facts behind those things which characterize its probable truth and the extraordinary things happen beyond it that we don’t even know yet. And learning by knowing it makes an interesting and fascinating for both Adam and Eve.

Also in this page, features the random articles about health facts and lifestyle. The life's attitude, tips and taboos of beauty and fashion. The food thing and entertainment milestone, features various artists that brought them into full bloom.

I also add few info's about education matters to give some aid for those people who are in the same field as mine or rather aspiring too to become an educator some day but having difficulties in knowing the scope and requirements needed to get in there.

About the Author

Makabloglang was born under the zodiac sign of LEO, Year of the OX. Adventurous, bold and impulsive that’s why she fearlessly defines herself with thoughts outspokenly.

Anyway...On the other hand, Makabloglang is just an average pretty girl, an angel- in- disguise..huh?!..easy to be with, hopeless romantic, simple yet interesting w/ a wide open-mind and so much lunatic envisi0ns,just stare-at -blank wall and imagines a not so crazy things..(Hehehe...)...but kidding aside...Makabloglang...a r0cker chic in her own way,...still have a girly side, with pedicures, wear make ups, lipsticks, loves dresses and loves men....anatomies! 

And that would be all..! Enjoy reading and have a nice day ahead. God bless!!!

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