Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Some of Dos and Don'ts of Wearing Jewelry

I have read an article on a magazine (Cosmopolitan, 2002 issue) about some of dos and don’ts of wearing jewelry. Being aware of it, I aim to share the article for those fashion fanatics who still don’t know anything yet on the no-no’s of it.

Celebrity Stylist Fati Parshia says on the sins of jewels accessorizing that you should never commit with your bracelets, rings and other jeweled things:
  • Wearing too much jewelry. Don’t load it on. When wearing a prominent necklace keep your earrings simple and vice versa. If you a lots of bracelet action going on, wear no more than one big piece (earrings or necklace) up top.
  • Pairing foot jewelry with a dressy outfit. An ankle bracelet or toe ring can look trashy paired with fancy or conservative attire.
  • Piling on too many rings. Chunky rings should be worn alone. You can stack thin rings, but “limit them to your fourth finger and either your center or pinkie fingers”.
  • Leaving everyday jewelry on for P.M. affairs. For after dark events, replace the basic stuff with more festive pieces.

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