Monday, May 30, 2011

What I have learned in my first semester on TCP?

Subjects I had taken on TCP last semester were all interesting but I didn’t learned so much. Professors were all good in terms of knowledge and noble experiences they had but some of them weren’t good enough or as effective in teaching by creating just to what their students needs. In some way I appreciated them in giving a paradigm of motivation as a form of their encouragement and inspiration. But focused in citing too much experience of their lives during class discussion and between interaction could be so overwhelming which sometimes tends to mislead or turn out to be out of topic of the lesson about. Instead of becoming inspired of them, my enthusiast to learn low down. I felt unsatisfied and disappointed with their approach in teaching to think they are all professional educators.
And there came a time I opted not to continue the course if these professors I had weren’t doing anything to meet and create what exactly we want.

Teachers certificate program is a non degree course offers to those person who already graduated of any bachelor degree but still aspire to be a teacher as a passion. It is a minimum 30 units subjects to finish for continuing
Masteral course and 18 units subjects to complete to take a Government Licensure exam for teachers. Subjects compressed and just have a limited time. Yet, passing the LET exam still lies in our hand. Studying hard is the key to it. Keep on reading and try to comprehend every bit of theories and principles of teaching and learning as well as the relevant laws to facilitate the foundation of child learning and development. And these are the ways of heading the momentum of victory.

I am not doing this to outshine or prove something.
I wrote this to speak for our afflictions and experiences during the course. Anyway, wishing us everyone good luck to hit the ball of triumph in passing the LET. God bless us:)

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