Monday, May 30, 2011

fearless_ aims

It doesn't matter what field you are in. Aim to achieve what you want, but do it with your dignity intact, fun and fearless.

1. Know what you want. Set a goal and explore.

2. Then want it badly enough that you'll do everything
    to get it.

 3. Read. Study. Brush up so you don't become rusty. Keep
    updated on things that will excite and intensify your
    whole being.

 4. Learn how to get along with people.


5. Have a certain dignity of purpose. Some people who
   want to succeed do everything. You don't have to
  trampling on everyone toes just to get there. Think the negative and positive consequence to motivate you positively.

       6. Live life to the fullest. Keep on smiling :)

       7. Every seconds of life is a blessed moment so thank
          God always for his infinite and unconditional love for

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