Sunday, June 5, 2011


is not easy as others expected. Difficulties and anxieties are the acid test that everyone has to surpass. Rudiments in life are the steps that we have to convey. Challenges and trials that come our way are the battles we have to conquer. There’s no perfect life or perfect person, but we have to realize that everything happens in our life has its own reasons and purpose. 
The road to happy life is not straight. There are curves and bumps called failure, confusions, rejections and enemies. It is up to us to change lanes and move forward but avail perseverance and determination. Life is a journey. Smooth roads never make good drivers. Smooth seas never make good sailors. Clear skies never make good pilots because a free and easy life never makes us strong and good person. Hence, having a good relationship with ourselves, with our fellowmen and towards God makes us a better one. Don’t ask life “why me?”, instead, say, “try me. Faith in God makes us strong and tough. Just hold onto him and believe.

Each of us is created by God as a unique individual but still the destiny lies in our hands. It is us who creates our life which serves to be a living testimony of ourselves. Having an abundant, meaningful, and joyous lives are the great testimonies of a good life if we take it positively.Testimonies in every single day are not just measured of amazing tangible things we have now but instead it measure by doing good deeds.

Badness and insanities are the misery that makes life contagious if we take it negatively. Angers, doubts, envies, and no peace of mind are the testimonies of sufferings. We don’t want to live a life such that so don’t let those hellacious deeds invades us.
and may be unfair at times but we have to move on and live life onward. Realize that there still great things await us ahead and that is where our future lies.

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