Thursday, October 13, 2011

Does Your Daily Anti Aging Cream Have These Harmful Ingredients?

I was shocked when I first learned about the harmful ingredients that we are using in the cosmetic products. These products range from day cream, night lotion, daily anti aging cream, cleansers, and age spot removers. The greedy companies have not spared even a single product from their greed for profits.

My feelings might sound a little amplified but they are genuine. I am sure you will also join the bandwagon when you realize the side effects of the ingredient present in your daily anti aging cream.

Our skin is very sensitive, and needs to be treated with utmost care. Imagine what will happen if we expose the same delicate and sensitive skin to a plethora of harmful chemicals. It will become dry, it will lose moisture, its texture, its tone, it will become sagged, develop wrinkles, and age spots. All this can happen if you expose the skin to the harmful chemicals present in the daily anti aging cream.

Read on to find the truth.

  • Mineral Oil It is one of the commonly used moisturizing agents used by the cosmetic companies. It is commonly used because it is cheap, easy to procure, and easy to use.
The truth is that is does not contribute in keeping the skin moist or removing the dryness of the skin. It might temporarily give you the feeling of moistness because it is greasy (it is a petroleum by-product).
However, in long run, its molecules clog the minute skin pores. This can lead to oilier skin, black heads, and acne on the skin.
  • Alcohol We all know that alcohol is a dehydrating agent, I wonder why skin companies use alcohol in their products. It makes skin dry by reducing the natural moisture of the skin and dry skin is first step towards wrinkles.
  • Parabens They are used as preservatives to increase the shelf life of the products. However, lab research agrees the presence of parabens in cancer tumors. This is indicative of the fact that Parabens are potential carcinogens they can be the root cause of cancer. Governments of many countries agree with this fact and this is the reason they have banned the use of Parabens in any cosmetic product.
  • Irritants, Neurotoxins and Phthalates They are very harmful; they can cause permanent damage to the brain cells, to the endocrine system of the body and even impair the reproductive system. Very harmful ingredients, but you might not see them written on the ingredients label because they are present in form of Fragrance! This is correct; fragrances are made of such harmful ingredients. You must stay away from them.
So there you have it - an honest analysis of ingredients that might be present in your daily anti aging cream. If they are, then it is in your best interest to stop using this product and select a safe and natural product.

Author: Kerri Doyle
About the Author
Kerri Doyle is a researcher, consumer and advocate of natural skin care products.To discover cutting edge, anti-aging skin care products she recommends after extensive research visit

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