Monday, August 8, 2011


Why everyone seems to be in blog trend these days? So to get out of this curiosity, I tried and do blog also even if some of my entries suck. But I don’t care, for me to be in blog is just to shout out my experiences , unspoken thoughts and whatever things comes to my mind. Earning extra money is just a secondary. Until, one day, a good friend of mine whose into blogging since 2010, inspire me to join Nuffnang. She introduced me, that is the hottest and hippest place to earn extra income by just blogging. She further elaborated too that there's nothing to worry about, anything could be possible to Nuffnang.
She also storied her amazing experience she got being a nuffnanger. In just a span of 12 months, great opportunities had come her way included there, was getting into an event in free such as free movie also with freebies included. But the highlights of it, was meeting the Nuffnang people. They’re really good and cool, she adds. From then on, I was so thrilled and thirst to join. Soon came, I found myself signing in Nuffnang and wanting for their right away approval. Gosh!!! I was approve then and couldn't describe the excitement I had in. It was an achievement for me. I'm so thankful to my friend “Sarah”. If she’s not there, I won’t become a part of this Asia’s hottest blog advertising community (

Joining here considered as one of my unforgettable experience, like first crush, first love, first baby… whew!! How about First movie event with Nuffnang? Ha! Ha! Love to join :) of course. Cowboys and Aliens Special Movie Screening which stars David Craig and Harrison Ford look as if excitingly hot! Can’t wait to watch for it.

While waiting for the big event, my hungriness being now a nuffie can’t control seems like I’m craving on the new Pizza Hut , that now offers Hot on the Dot Pizza deliveries: 30 minutes and hot ( as indicated by the thermally activated sticker you place on the pizza box upon receiving your pizza) otherwise your pizza is FREE!
Its mouth-watering cheesiness’ melting on the top of it coz it’s delivered hot. Gonna grab my phone now and Dial 911-11-11 to have my pizzas Hot on the Dot to munch on!

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