Thursday, August 18, 2011

Parents Should Know - Factors Affecting Child Growth And Development

I was searching on net about Factors Affecting Child Growth and Development when I saw this one. And to my surprise, I never thought I will end up laughing when I started to slide it . There are things here that are quite exaggerating but funny. 
This presentation was downloaded and embedded from "The Scribd". It contains 58 pages but start to slide it from the left cursor provided below (page 41 to 58). I just chose the pages which are cool and I think most illustrate things of a proper child care that parents to be should have known about. For sure you will enjoy while learning some of the tips here. Hehehe...Anyway, better view this presentation, or else you gonna miss out one day of your parenting life... 

Growth and Development of Child


  1. LOL kinda amusing but definitely kinda exaggerating. XD I can see people lifting the baby the wrong way though...

  2. tnx..Meg!..natuwa lng ako that's why i opted to post it in my blog:)

  3. hahahha.natawa naman ako here

  4. C..same here..hahaha..kakaloka dba:)


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