Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Getting Rid of Bastard Sweaty Underarm!

Have you already experience a super sweaty underarm? It really sucks and so disgusting. I would never wish this upon anybody else because it changes your life forever! Can’t able to wear enough all the clothing’s you like and always worried about pit stains. There are also times you never lift your arms too high, too conscious for an unknown smell.

An abnormal awful condition triggers either in hot or humid weather. Though sweating is a natural process to unleash unwanted substance from the body , too much sweating is a big no-no and if left untreated this irritating condition will remain a lifetime problem.

However since the air circulation in your underarms is much lesser, it takes time for the sweat to evaporate. It will turn out into moisture which then becomes a site for bacteria to thrive, when bacteria taint your armpit that’s the start to produce a sweaty nasty scent. Smelling like haven’t bathed for a month. This annoying sweaty pits brought by this excessive perspiration have definitely held back your social life, lowers your confidence and self-esteem. 

Anyway this is not a disease but an abnormal condition in human body called “hyperhydrosis”. A condition whereby your body sweats excessively for an unknown reason or may occur in the presence of stimuli like emotional distress and anxiety or the food you consume, but often it doesn’t have to be triggered by them. The sympathetic nerves that control the activity of the sweat glands produce an excessive amount of sweat and this leads to sweaty underarms. Sweaty underarms may occur due to various reasons such as neurotically, metabolic and other prone diseases and heredity. Sweating armpits starts during puberty stage. 

For all that, here’s a list of remedies can be taken to help get rid of the bastard sweaty underarms;

  • For a natural underarm remedies. Proper hygiene will work. Daily bathing is of utmost importance to remove dirt and unwanted odors. If you sweat a lot consider bathing at least 3x a day but don’t overuse anti bacterial soap coz it also swipe the good bacteria. Using these products can make you more germs resistant to antibiotics.  Squeezed for calamansi or lemon juice and spread some underneath your armpit. It’s said that if you apply lemon juice to your armpits after you bathe it will reduce sweating. After bathing towel off fully to dry and then go for the next natural solution which is putting in your armpit a talcum powder, or commonly called “Tawas” in Filipino term. For an odor problem, baking soda will do to get rid of nasty smell. Wear cotton clothes to cool you down. Mull over your food and diets. Try to avoid spicy food as much as possible. Always give preference to fruits and drink lots of water. 

  • If these natural ways doesn’t effect, try Drugstores over the counter prescription clinical strength anti perspiration products. But always go for authorized drugstores so that you should not suffer from any sort of side effects. Check out for the good quality antiperspirants. Go for an aluminum chloride formulation. It has a tremendous ability to restrain hyperactive sweat glands of underarm. There are products such as Drisol, Mitchum, and Certain Dri which are helpful in decreasing the level of sweating to some extent. Oral medications are also available to treat such problems. But for a serious problem it is advisable to go for an extreme medical treatment. It may be too expensive to undergo this kind of treatment but it's a better way to seek medical consultation before taking any action. Botox shots are a less drastic approach and really an effective method .It is basically an invasive procedure used to paralyze the nerves responsible for the perspiration for up to 8 months. It won't be digging out any body part to stop armpit sweating.  What the armpit physicians do is find the nerves that control sweating in your armpits and then inject them with Botox. 

Nevertheless, just always be reminded that taking those UN-natural remedies to reduce overall sweating can be hazardous to your health. But, the good thing is you don’t have to much worry coz you’re not the only one who suffers from this embarrassing issue! I would encourage you to not give up, go to a doctor and if that doctor can’t help you go to a different doctor. There has to be an answer out there for you. If you don’t find it right away, don’t panic…just keep trying. I wish you all the best of luck! 

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  1. sweating under arms sucks !!! heheh...

  2. haha...tnx, jorgie for dropping by and leaving a such sweating comment :)

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