Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Eat Bulaga - Juan For All, All For Juan "Bayanihan of the Pipol"

I am very much engrossed watching this ( EB-Juan for All, All for Juan Bayanihan of the People), the multi-talented trios (Jose, Wally and Paolo) spontaneously exchanging out-scripted lines of jokes with “Bossing” Vic and the rest of “Dabarkads”.


I couldn’t stop laughing and my stomach getting ache, roll over head when they start to punch their lines. They’re really the best!!! No one can emulate their unparalleled style of sense of humor and wittiness. Undeniably inimitable, unbeatable, admirable, amusable, adorable, irresistible, Whew!!! What else adjective words could I add for, lol! They’re really an asset to Filipino world of entertainment . People in and out that made this concept of giving away not just prices and other stuff but tons of happiness, inspiration and hopes to the real needy, I salute you! Despite of calamities and crisis we are struggling to in everyday life, in just an hour of watching this show I really do have a great day, for sure other people or EB fans too as well. 
Mabuhay Kayo!!!!


  1. it's not scripted that's why it's so funny, they can exchange adlibs spontaneously.. love the show and their concepts of giving-out blessings to the real needy..

  2. yes...you're right, they're punch lines seems out scripted..not corny that's why i love the show too...


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