Tuesday, January 10, 2012


We cannot deny the fact that the coming of new year is another year to add up for the entire people’s age. And as we age everything bodily simultaneously gets older too. Our skin starts to sags down, wrinkled and dried, hair gradually turns out into gray, bones becomes brittle and immune system slowly gets weaker. But when it comes to sex, an old adage which Filipino’s seems to believes in that “kalabaw lang ang tumatanda”. Funny it may seem but it’s true. Sex beyond aging has no limit whether you’re in mid40’s and over.

However sexual satisfaction depends more on the relationship quality that have matured to a greater level of trust and intimacy but in some aspect we should also regard the slow sexual response is normal as we age. Sexual desire decreases and may happen in both men and women but women are more likely than men to have a declining libido. Some of these changes are caused by declining hormone levels, medical problems, cultural issues, health issues and other sexual issues. 

Women experienced low level of sexual sensation, weak orgasms and vaginal atrophy – a condition in which lower estrogen levels cause vaginal tissues to become thinner and less elastic, resulting to a vaginal dryness, soreness, itching that leads to a painful intercourse. Hormone therapy, local estrogen therapy, vaginal creams/lubricants are the usual treatments and by getting into a sexual activity to help reduce the symptoms of vaginal atrophy. Doing the act aids to increase blood flow to the genital tissues.

On the other hand, though rates of all types of sexual activity decline as we age, typically, men are more sexually active than women. One reason is that men are more likely than women to have partner in life, because there are more women than men at older ages. Men also are more likely to marry a younger partner that’s why they get into used in an old saying “kalabaw lang ang tumatanda”. Seniors remain sexually active but…… in some point in time, their testosterone level decreases that takes them longer to be sexually stimulated….need longer time to get an erection….0h men! 

Anyway, don’t be panic; it’s a normal thing than to have no interest at all in sex. Just be patient, focus more on extended foreplay, enjoy the moment and soon you’ll gonna reach the peak of satisfaction. However, there are effective solutions for erectile dysfunction (ED), including Cialis, Levitra or popularly called Viagra. Just be aware of those medications that can cause ED such as the painkillers, antidepressants, antihistamines and blood pressure medications. Other substance that may also cause ED are chemotherapy drugs, anti-psychotics, alcohol, marijuana and even the over the counter heartburn drugs.

Moreover, looking in the beneficial side of frequent sex for middle age men, it may actually lessen the risk of heart attack, though there may be a slight risk of triggering a heart attack for every sedentary man with a cardiovascular issues. They should consult their doctors to make sure their level of sexual activity is appropriate.

And for overall health benefits of frequent sex for older people, it can help you live longer life, stay young and smile the whole world with a glow of a healthier life.


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