Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christmas Gift Giving

As the days getting nearer to Holy day, excitement and rushing has been a chore to those who are work loaded. Maybe some are can’t think of where to spend Christmas break but some are already have plans to get back home especially those people who are miles away from their love ones.

Maybe some are thinking now of what special meal would have be laid out on the table on Christmas eve but some are just alright whatever food would have be there to share with. Maybe some are into shopping galore now to buy a new outfit to wear on Christmas events but some are just fine to makeover whatever they already had.

Maybe some are already preparing of what gift they could give to their families, friends, kids, nephews/nieces, “inaanaks” (godchildren). Trying to make sure not to forget anyone but some are still on to panic mode of what gift to give on? If the13th month pay and bonuses they are yearning for is still at wait to shop for things they want for Christmas. If they got it already, some are still on hang on what to give, where to shop and how much to spend, especially if the budget is tight. Some may feel a bit awful if they didn't like the gift they got. 

So insane to think of that giving gifts is not just the identity of Christmas and people should know that. We just only want everyone to be happy and no matter what the price tag is, the most important is the presence of heart of the giver. Anyway, forget about that somes’s; let’s just be reminded that Christmas is Jesus and the true spirit of Christmas is a matter of giving. It is worth more than a gift and that is how exactly Christmas is. 

God bless 

Merry Christmas to 

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