Monday, March 12, 2012

Skin Cancer and the Sunscreen Protectors

Summer is on! Though I admit sometimes before, slapping on sun block cream and lotion everyday has been a tiring routine and one drawback is the messiness and greasiness of it. I have to take a while to dries it up.  But now it is not an excuse anymore coz knowing the good benefits of efforts of those skin protectors I frequently using,  don’t want my skin to get wrinkled as fast and become prone to a certain skin cancer. 

We all know that our body has it own defense mechanism but when it comes to our skin healthiness and wealthiness , still is not enough to be an excuse in having possible skin cancer. Especially these days with a wavering climate change, the prolonged exposure to the sun during outdoor task makes a big hazard on our skin. It causes sunburn that leads to a deadliest form of skin cancer called Melanoma. Melanomas can exist in both gender and can occur anywhere on the body. And for your info, there are harmful rays coming from sun called UVB or ultraviolet rays that cause skin burn which causes skin cancer while UVA rays although it do not cause sunburn but do contribute skin cancer. Signs of aging also start to emerge, fine lines, red blotches and skin tone discoloration.

And before it’s too late, the best way to prevent the occurrence of sun damages brought by these UV radiations is by getting into a habit of applying a daily moisturizer. It should be infused of sun screen protection or sun protection factor also known as SPF of at least 15. Slather it every as often as part of your daily beauty regimen whether staying indoors. However, the best time to cover up most is during period of time with extensive sun exposure. Higher SPF or a broad spectrum is needed for better shield.

Exposure in the streaming rays of fluorescent lights also affects skin. The substance illuminated by it has an ultraviolet that also penetrates deep down on skin. And so does in during humid days. You won’t notice it but it does a little.  Better safeguard all part of your skin, from lips, on the eye region, on the nape, along the hairline, the scalp, back of the ears, and soles of the feet. 

You can also use other sun repellent during outdoor activities as an add up and it may look as pretty accessories that go with your outfit such as wearing a hat for hair and scalp protection. Wearing a tinted shades also defense your eyes from the sun against stinging and burning. It is also important to pay attention to the clothes we are wearing. Some types of clothing provide better sun protection called UPF or ultraviolet protection factor. Fabrics should be dense and tightly woven to be more effective. But wait! There's more! Vitamin E and C mineral supplements are also an effective skin buster. It replenish and repair the damage cells brought by the sun. 

Anyway, there are products now available in the market with certain sunscreens protection that suited to rescue any type of skin without greasy feel, water based and oil free. And the good thing some of it has now a whitening effect for a more glamorous skin. May come in handy sachet and tubes even spray-on and with sheer formulation so it feels much drier on skin yet still afford with the same protection. 

This is not just for women skin health advisory but bewares also men out there. Knowing traditionally men has more extensive sun exposure due to outdoor activities than women do. But for mostly men taking an effort using those skin products seems a bit fussy and unmanly. And these attitudes brought them to a risk of getting have higher rates of skin cancer than women .

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