Thursday, October 6, 2011

Happy World Teacher's Day!

Elementary and High School days are my most memorable schooling experience. I entered my first schooling at the age of six bothered with fear and anxieties because I didn't know how to write nor to read yet. I was early deceased by my mother whom I thought she'd be the first teacher that would teach me the basic. Anyway, didn't have regrets to that..

And remembering the great efforts of my teachers in becoming a part of my learning development, I'll take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude in thanking them not just for the lessons they have shared but also for the love and sacrifice of devoting their precious time and being there as my second parent.  They're not just open the great door of knowledge but they made me inspire to face the challenge of life. Their teaching strategies, indeed traditional but the joy of learning made much to me in having a positive impact, motivate me and shape my views to get better that makes a difference of where I'm now.

And now I have my own children, in the new teachers of generation, I appreciate you for continuing your boundless passion not just being at your profession but as the second parent too. I acknowledge the difficulty of your task, the perseverance you took despite that we know children’s now are very vulnerable and sensitive , yet your patience remain intact.

Being at this profession too maybe in two years from now, it may seem a heavy yoke to bear but seeing the needs of the children of today's, I will take also the courage with all honesty and passion as the new molder of future x and y's and becoming a part of their life-long learning process.

And today, October 5, as we celebrate this special day for the hardworking teachers of the world, let’s pay tribute to the works of the noble educators of the past and todays generation. You all deserve to be honored and chronicled as one of the heroes of nation since then and till the rest of your teaching existence... 

Happy Teacher's Day 
to all of The Teachers of the World!

Maraming Salamat at Mabuhay kayo!!!!

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