Friday, September 9, 2011

Reviewer in Special Education and Foundation of Education II - Subjects

Attention Classmates/ Students:

Want a new study mode? Here it is!  I'll share you the newest study mode from where you can generate automatically your own set of practice test in minutes by inputting all of your desired terms and definition then click the test menu, answer it , check and view your score afterwards.This is a user friendly site open to all users, create your account in free. mission is to make learning not a chore instead it aims to make learning fun and effective. More efficient than looking at the words constantly and trying to memorize it. Makes it so easy to create practice test at home.The best part of it is you can print the tests and answer it whenever and wherever you are. Even at your mobile phone you can add up Quizlet app. Thus helping you do better in quizzes from multiple choice, true or false, identification and enumeration. Believe me I already tried it. I almost got 100% in our test in Foundation of Education II. I was so amazed then, never imagined to get an almost perfect score. I guess this can be considering also a great way to study for the Licensure Exams.

So to impart you my new discovered studying technique, check out this test  and try to explore the flashcards I made for Terms and Concepts to Remember for Foundation of SPED (SPED01). 
See also Foundation of Education reviewer: Areas of Philosophy , Famous Educators and their contribution 

Hope you guys this site will  help you to ease your  reviewing and testing knowledge. Good luck!!!

(note: to start exploring/reviewing, just click the quizlet-study these flashcards below left)

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