Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Have you ever experience this? Hehe..fall asleep during class hour....

For sure everyone experiences occasional sleepless night due to stress over work, cramming for thesis and projects or excitement over recent activities and these might be relatively harmless if just ignored. Though, those stresses can't be avoided, it’s better to treat earlier. Lack of proper sleep can hang you to serious impairments in daytime functioning such as driving, industrial works or even a simple task that might get results into a loss of concentration, cardiovascular dysfunction, accident and death. 
Am I too exagged? Well, sad bad true. It's a matter of life and it happens, so before everything too late, better to be aware than to be sorry at the end. 

Anyway, other effects of common sleep disturbances tend to feel you angry or depressed, makes you ugly and older. Also results in weight gain, anxiety and incidence to fall asleep in no time during office works or class hour. That's why it is essential that you maintain a healthy sleep cycle in order not to experience those sleeping nightmares. A good night sleep can help you be more productive and emotionally balanced. So, to correct bad sleeping habits as well as to keep you well rested and feel alert the next day, consider the following sleep medicine physician advice for proper sleep hygiene;

  • Turn your room into a haven and make sleep a priority. Use the bed for sleep and sex only.

  • Avoid using your laptop, reading in bed and watching televisions. Television stimulates the mind and has a disturbing effect.

  • Practice relaxation techniques before bedtime. Avoid stimulating activities during the 3 hours before bedtime. Such as strenuous exercise, reading and watching tense or gory stories, office work extension.

  • Take a warm bath before bedtime. Play some soothing music and make sure your bed is comfortable.  If you want to sleep better at night, try to put aromatic therapeutic scents beside your bed. Lavender scent proved to help better sleep.

  • Maintain a quiet, dark and cool bedroom environment. Every person has his or her own personal preference as to the ideal sleep environment. Try to clear your mine by use of white noise or soft music. 

  • In the evening, your body produces melatonin, the chemical that makes you sleepy. If you keep bright lights on before going to bed, the production of melatonin will be blocked. If you need light, use off-light such as a night light in the bathroom or hallway. Extreme heat or cold should be avoided. Use window blinds, ear plugs, and an air conditioner to reduce excessive cold or hot temperature during sleep. 

  • Maintain a regular schedule for bedtime and awakening; avoid naps. “Early to bed and early to rise" is a good adage to follow. A “night owl" schedule is poor sleep hygiene.

  • Avoid struggling to fall asleep in bed. Instead, get up and spend quiet time out of bed until sleep comes.

  • Don't watch the clock while in bed. Worrying about falling asleep or if you're getting enough sleep will only lead to insomnia.

  • No special diet is needed to treat insomnia, however, try not to go to bed hungry. Make sure you finish eating at least 3 hours before bedtime. Large meals and spicy foods should be avoided. Stay away too from foods rich in protein or carbohydrates because they will boost your energy. Avoid drinking too much water in the evening; it can make your eye puff. Warm milk or a little cheese on the other hand can help induce sleep.

  • Avoid stimulating substances like caffeine and nicotine during the second half of the day, from late afternoon on. Alcohol should likewise be avoided. Although alcohol creates the illusion of good sleep, it adversely affects sleep architecture.

  • Regardless of their excellent safety profiles, the newer over the counter sleeping pills should be used only upon advice of a physician. Consult your doctor for any sleep disturbances or complaints.

  • That's all folks! hope to try one of the tips here to have a better restful sleep.

  • Good night and sleep tight :)


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