Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Am I too late? Anyway, who cares! I love blogging that's why I came to rush here to witness this exciting Nuffnang hoopla and being a proud nuffie, I take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude in becoming a part of your world. 

The Nuffnang 6th Blog Day Celebration is a tribute to all of blogger aficionados dedicated to have at least one day of getting to know of other blogger of diverse countries with different interest. In this way everyone will find themselves discovering new and more of obscure blogs out there.

Hook or crook, I fearlessly recommend you and from all over the world these buckets of blog sites that I have spotted in amidst of my googling. Comes from unparalleled minds of different nation  that will definitely stunned you and hang with it. Dashingly bookmark it as soon as you read it.

So there I go,

Blog Name: Hyperbole and a half
Language: English
Nominee for Best Humor Blog in the Blogger choice Award, the popular user generated blog voting site of the planet. Hyperbole and a half is one of the funniest blog I’ve stumbled across-keep going with the cartoons. So unique and I think this would be the best blog ever. So if you’re want to laugh out loud, Hyperbole and a half is a worth checking!

Blog Name: True Ghost Tales
Language: English
Like to talk about ghosts, everything from demons to aliens and Bigfoot to religion and dreams? I  recommend you to join their Paranormal Forum and discuss your thoughts and experiences with the paranormal.
The ghost stories and paranormal articles on this website have been submitted by their readers. This means every story comes from a different perspective and is told by the person who experienced it. The stories then come "alive" with discussion through reader comments. If you have had an encounter with the paranormal you can submit your story and share it with others.

Blog Name: The Nation’s Health
Language: English
This blog has also been nominated for Best Animal Blogger, Best Health Blog and Best Travel Blog.
Nation Health is the national daily log, about the world surrounding us. The unusual phenomena, the funny events, the interesting facts, photos are out of this world.
So if you want a cute finds and easy to digest post, I roughly recommend you to dig this blog coz it gonna drive you insane. Definitely a good stuff to read on..

Blog Name: Testimonies Of Heaven and Hell 
Language: English
God has sent many people to Heaven and Hell and here are the testimonies of what they experienced. His testimony of Heaven and Hell highlights the importance of forgiveness. So if you want an inspiring Christian life, random thoughts of Life after death and near death experiences, I heartily recommend you this blog. 

Blog Name: Copy blogger
Language: English
Copy Blogger was founded by Bran Clark a social entrepreneur and a recovery attorney. This blog works on online marketing strategies. And if you want more traffic, links, subscriber and profit generating websites Copy blogger gives you the solutions you need to succeed.

Blog Name: Rhea Guevara 
Language: English and Filipino
Rhea Guevara is a Filipina who finished a bachelor’s degree in Journalism with 18 units of Education and found a career in Internet marketing and website development. She worked as an SEO writer 4 years ago and created her own website. Her blog is about Internet marketing, travel experiences and Educational tips regarding Licensure of Teachers Examination. She’s also into in programming and website back-end management and now work on projects involving SEO and word press site development.
So if you’re a teacher wannabe looking for a best site that recommends handful tips of passing LET, Reah Guevara is your best click.

So that’s it, till then fellow nuffies’...HAPPY BLOG DAY!!!


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